Faceless Reminders Of Home

from by The Dead Anyways



I follow the lights as they get dim
As they run out
Burn to nothing
And all I can see is your face
Perfect in my memory
Through the darkness
That encompasses me
Just as I start to feel grass under my feet
I find myself back in the gutter again
And I'm not a praying man
But if I were
I'd pray my finest moments were still in front of me
And even if that's wishful thinking
I'll take that delusion happily
Anywhere become the bed of
Of the man who has nothing
Taking and believing anything
So he won't have to return home
He lies anywhere
Follows the dim car lights to the edge of town
Where his body can lay and peacefully drown
In the sort lived comforts
Of the city streets
Of the city streets
Of the city streets
And the timeless, faceless reminders of home


from In The Margins, released July 5, 2016
Written by Dave




The Dead Anyways Bromley, UK

The Dead Anyways are four friends from South East London. We play a kind of fast paced agitated pop punk with influences coming from all over the greater punk spectrum. We'd like to think we sound like a mixture of Bad Religion, Dillinger Four and The Lawrence Arms... We probably sound like something else entirely. ... more

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