Demo 2012

by The Dead Anyways

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released June 27, 2012

The Dead Anyways are three friends from Bromley. We live in the suburban cultural ruins left behind by Souixsie, Steve, Billy, David and Peter.

Dave sings and plays guitar, Martin plays bass and Jed plays drums. We all do a bit of backing vocals.

These songs were recorded live in May 2012 at M5 Studios in Gravesend.




The Dead Anyways Bromley, UK

The Dead Anyways are four friends from South East London. We play a kind of fast paced agitated pop punk with influences coming from all over the greater punk spectrum. We'd like to think we sound like a mixture of Bad Religion, Dillinger Four and The Lawrence Arms... We probably sound like something else entirely. ... more

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Track Name: Two Punks One Cup
The kid telling you how to think
Is just the same as you
Just with a bigger mouth
More word control
Or column space
Don't be fooled
There's arseholes everywhere
Hidden behind words
Hidden behind songs
Shouting their ideas
Louder than anyone
You don't appreciate
That you're capable to
Say stupid things
Just like others do
You're not as important as you think
You're not that important
You're not that important in the grand scheme of things
You're nothing
There was a time
Not long ago
When trends and blogs
Didn't tell you what to think
You worked it out yourself
There were radicals then
There are radicals now
Not listening
To anything
Coming from your mouth or mouse
Track Name: Big Eared Boys On Farms
Its a mystery
How some things can be
Tolerated without question
And without protest
When we all know the reality
Of the processed food we eat
And the way that your meat
Is brought from farm to plate
These days
And yet a blind eye is turned again
And the voiceless victims stare out of the pen
They're left to die in
This won't stand
How do you not see
That all the food you eat
Is tarnished by cruelty?
And ruined by greed
If you're going to eat meat
At least have the decency
To think
We all share this world
We all share this land
Its your choice to make
And you can choose to change
To minimize
The suffering you cause
Don't take more than a pause
To put your privilege on hold because
You're not owed anything
And you've not earned anything
By being born into a culture of privilege
Track Name: Balls Vs Brains
Masculinity never made much sense to me
Images left to make me feel the need
For sexism and greed
But that's not me
I don't see me
In that picture or displayed on your TV
I may be male but I'm not a man
If that's what it means
But if I don't see me
Then why do I so easily
Revert to traits
I thought I'd left behind
When I feel the need
To fit in
With everyone around me
No matter how ignorant they seem
I'm not better than them
I'm just saying
When reality strikes me plan
I'm still effected
By the wrongs I sing about
I wish I could say
I'd left my ignorance to history
I try my best
But I guess I still perceive
The world through sexism and greed
I'm not free yet
But I desperately want to be
Bombarded by it
Forced to benefit
From the very thing I despise
It makes me sick
When reality strikes me plan
I'm still effected
By the wrongs I sing about
I'm not perfect
I see through so many things but a lifetime of
Indoctrinations hard to crack so I'll turn the TV off
'Cos it makes the fool of an easily attainable aim
Lost in the way I'm seen
By a society left blinded by gender
Never able to be free
But I'll never be the man I'm expected to be
Track Name: Serenity Now!
Broken bones can heal
But broken memories are lost
I see flickers
Seconds of the past
Unplaced events
And lost hours from years ago
I see flickers
From my legacy
Whiskey flows through Frith Street tonight
We drank so hard
We wear our pasts on our sleeves
And talk through lies
No-one ever knew
If I can't remember
Then what use could I have been?
Every seconds sacred
Well I lost mine in the end
We sing songs in chorus
Words we'd never say
We live life in that moment
And remember everything
Words I'd never say
Flow freely from this mouth of mine
I see flickers
Of truth I'd locked away
Tears I've never shed
Stay firmly wrapped inside of me
But words break out
Track Name: Cider Lips and Fingertips
I lived wild here before
Ran free through woodland
Swam through rivers
Lost myself in nothing
I walked this path years before
With every step
I hear voices
And feel that stolen kiss
In the long grass
Cider lips
Holding on to you
We're miles away
From metallic sounds
Free to go our own way
I learnt my lessons
In this naked land
Unspoiled like my heart
Now running through life so quickly
Getting darker
Moving faster
Losing myself in values
I don't believe
Rediscover that childish way
Yearn again for big ideas
Run back through the grass
Taste that stolen kiss
Find yourself here
Like I did years before
Like I did years before
Track Name: Nose Eye Man
Find a voice
Hidden behind our modern life
When art seems so far away
Ideas in boxes
Ideas on shelves
Ideas hidden behind our modern life
A life burns fast
In ashes we see memories
In dust we see our worth
Dream ideas and freedoms
To live the life you want
No barriers to keep you down
Nothing to
Stop you
Make your life your own
Loose your way
Wander through these streets alone
See a tired old landscape
In ways you've never seen before
In ways you've never seen
And fill your heart
Fill your heart
Track Name: Shackles Added Every Year
Blank stare into the midday sun
Lost in the machine
Of the productions hum
The creator of labour
What treats she brings
The conveyor belt makes light work
Of useless things
Made of callous formed hands
That are hard to touch
Ruined by the labour
Of not very much
Imagine freedom
Imagine a time long gone
When skills were our own
And the clock hands long
Now with every tick
Left grieving for time
Seeking a sense of freedom
From the production line
Pieced together like muscle and bone
Hear the murmur of the workers drone
A grit filled lung
Splutters and whirrs
The odious becomings of a usable purse
Gnawed and chewed away
As the days pass by
Enslaved to the rape and the pillage of life
Skill removed by metal arms
Time dictated by ringing alarms
Circuit brains and a masters word
Flesh and metal increasingly blurred
Track Name: Chatham Pocket
To deal with loss and start again
Means dipping toes in unknown waters
And leaving pockets filled with past success
That are slipping through the holes you made
Running through woods as a child
Muddy face
Left with a muddy heart
So dive right in
Swim deep
Find a new character
In the play that was your life
I'll miss you
I'll miss every word you said
Lost in a memory
That rusted years before
And I can't take this new start on board
And I can't handle any more change
And is lost in a sea
Of bigger
And better men
All competing for a prize
A prize unknown to me
Lost in a memory
Track Name: Graveyard Marrionettes
As we all file through life
Entrenched in our past
The light from church and state
Paints its shadow on you
But we walk our own path
And we choose our own route
The only boundaries are ones we choose
We're all graveyard marionettes
We dance towards death
With every hour we lose precious time
Waste away our lives on nothing
Until you breath your last breath
Will you regret anything...
In the cold light of your last words
Once revered
Life lost
Regrets shape the
Cold light of your last words
You'll feel nothing more
You only get one chance
So make it count
Don't let expectations, fears
Or what you're told to be
Leave you stagnant
Leave you lost
Leave your hopes on a cross
Walk your own path
Or find yourself...